About Scott Trappe

“Skeletal Muscle Health and Plasticity: Insights from Astronauts, Aging and Athletes”

Scott Trappe, PhD is the Director of the Human Performance Laboratory and John and Janice Fisher Endowed Chair in Exercise Science at Ball State University.  He received his undergraduate training at the University of Northern Iowa and was captain of the swim team. He worked for US Swimming at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs while conducting his graduate (MS) studies at the University of Colorado. His PhD training was with Dr. David Costill at Ball State University and post-doctoral training in muscle physiology with Dr. Robert Fitts at Marquette University.

For the past 20 years, Dr. Trappe has been working with NASA to help optimize the exercise prescription for astronauts.  Concurrent to the work with NASA, Dr. Trappe has conducted several exercise training studies in older adults, aging athletes and various college and elite athletes. Using a whole body to gene approach, Dr. Trappe and his colleagues have gained a better understanding of muscle plasticity and the powerful effects of exercise for health and performance. 

Dr. Trappe is a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine and member of the American Physiological Society.

Lecture Description:  Skeletal muscle constitutes 40-50% of a person's body weight and has the ability to change in response to a variety of stimuli. This lecture will provide a whole body to gene approach to provide insights into muscle plasticity with spaceflight, aging and athletic populations that our team has been working on over the past 20 years.