Birmingham's Greg Sankey May Be The Man Who Leads The SEC, NCAA Into The Future

The guy many consider to be the heir apparent to take the wheel of the most well-oiled machine in college sports is a 21st century Renaissance Man who is a voracious reader, prolific marathon runner, and, who, for his birthday, helped build a clean-water well for impoverished people in India. 

He is also an Ordinary Joe who fights U.S. 280 traffic, listens to U2, and whose idea of a big Friday night is a pizza at Post Office Pies and a frozen pop at Steel City Pops - or even better, staying home and playing board games with his wife and two daughters.

Birmingham-area resident Greg Sankey is all of the above, as well as the current frontrunner to become the next commissioner of the Southeastern Conference.

"Greg who?," you may be asking.

Outside of his friends and family, his was a name that, until a few days ago, was probably known only among collegiate athletic insiders, the person sportswriters called when an NCAA compliance issue came up or the conference rep coaches and ADs ran into during one of the SEC's many championship celebrations.

Sankey's relative anonymity was blown, however, on Tuesday, when his boss, longtime SEC Commissioner Mike Slive, announced that he will retire this coming July, wrapping up a historic 13-year run that saw the SEC win seven straight BCS championships, expand to 14 schools, and launch its own television network - all while raking in record revenues year after year after year.

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