Yo-yo Dieting in Mice Shows Longevity Benefit in Controversial New Study

New obesity research conducted in mice suggests that yo-yo dieting does not damage the metabolism and may even increase lifespan.

Dr David Allison, from the University of Alabama in Birmingham, USA, found that obese mice repeatedly placed on crash diets - presumably involving some degree of calorie restriction - lived longer than mice maintaining a normal diet.

We know from previous research in rhesus monkeys that there are significant longevity benefits to long-term sustained calorie restriction.

Compared to monkeys on a calorie-restricted diet for 20+ years, monkeys on a normal diet had a 2.9 times increased risk of disease, and a threefold increased risk of death.

But, these monkeys were maintained on a single diet throughout their lives. And until now, it was unclear whether some of these findings held true with periodic (yo-yo) dieting.

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